Amy Thomas

Research title: Understanding how the digital user is conceptualised and defined through an analysis of end-user licensing agreements

Research Summary

Amy Thomas is a Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law and PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow, School of Law/CREATe centre. Amy's PhD thesis (CMS/CREATe collaborative scholarship) examines what it means to be a copyright user through a critical discourse analysis of end user licensing agreements. She also has interests in copyright-related aspects of video games and eSports, and acts as the managing editor for the Copyright Evidence Wiki, collating empirical research relating to copyright.


Journal articles 

  • Thomas, A. (2020), A question of (e)Sports: an answer from copyright. Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, 15:12 pp.960-975. (Working Paper available via CREATe)
  • Furgal, U., Kretschmer, M. and Thomas, A. (2020) Memes and Parasites: a discourse analysis of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive. CREATe Working Paper 2020/10
  • Thomas, A. (2019), Meese, James, Authors, Users, and Pirates: Copyright Law and Subjectivity, Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2018, 240pp, hb $35.00/£27.00.. The Modern Law Review, 82: 1197-1201. doi:1111/1468-2230.12454

Blog posts (selected)


Conferences and talks

  • BEYOND: The R&D Conference for Creative Industries “Text and Data Mining of Copyright Evidence” (3 December 2020)
  • ESRC Socio-Legal methodology Workshop “Critical Discourse Analysis of End User Licensing Agreements: an unorthodox methodological approach (16 November 2020)
  • Creative Commons Virtual Summit “Copyright Evidence Wiki: using evidence to inform policy” (20 October 2020)
  • Strathclyde Centre for Internet Law and Policy, Virtual Seminar Series “Memes and parasites: analysing discourse on the Copyright Directive” (2 October 2020)
  • The Society of Legal Scholars, Virtual Conference “The Place of the Professional Player: A Discourse Analysis of eSports EULAs” (1 September 2020)
  • Gikii, Virtual Conference “Memes and parasites: analysing discourse on the Copyright Directive” (31 July 2020)
  • CREATe Symposium 2019: Emerging Researchers’ Workshop, University of Glasgow “The Concept of User in End-User Licensing Agreements” (8 October 2019)
  • Postgraduate Conference, University of Liverpool “The Concept of User in End-User Licensing Agreements” (9 September 2019)
  • BILETA, Queen’s University (Belfast) “EULAs in eSports and video game streaming: copyright as a new commercial imperitive for game owners” (15 April 2019)
  • Learning on Screen Using Other People’s Stuff, Dundee V&A “The Fortnite Dancing Debate: cultural borrowing or creative stealing?” (26 March 2019)
  • IP Discussion Group, University of Oxford “Private ordering and the origins of the digital user” (27 November 2018)
  • Postgraduate Conference, University of Strathclyde “eSports as Traditional Sports: Consequences for Copyright” (28 September 2018)
  • Intellectual Property Researchers Europe, University of Geneva/WIPO/WTO “The Concept and Myth of the Digital User in Copyright Law” (29 June 2018)



  • Guest Lecturer, Internet Law (Hons), University of Strathclyde (Spring 2021)
  • Lecturer, Copyright in the Digital Environment (LLM), University of Glasgow (Winter 2020)
  • Teaching Assistant, Copyright X (affiliated course offered by Harvard Law School) (2018 – Present)
  • Course Convener, Intellectual Property Law (CCPR, Masters), University of Glasgow (Spring 2020 - Present)
  • Intellectual Property Law Lecturer, Law for Engineers (Undergraduate), University of Glasgow (Spring 2020 - Present)
  • Lecturer, Copyright in the Digital Environment (LLM summer programme), Stockholm University (Summer 2020)
  • Workshop Presenter, “Securing your Intellectual Property”, Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities Summer School (25 June 2020)
  • Lecturer, Pre-sessional Law (Masters), University of Glasgow (Winter 2019)
  • Lecturer, Intellectual Property Law (Masters), University of Strathclyde (Spring 2019)
  • Lecturer, Contemporary Issues in IP (LLM), University of Glasgow (Spring 2019)
  • Workshop Presenter, “Securing your Intellectual Creations”, Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities Summer School (20 June 2018)

Additional Information

Research Assistance

  • Freedom of panorama: making copyright law (in)visible (Carnegie Research Trust) (June 2019 – February 2020) – Conducting rights clearance simulation, literature and doctrinal analysis
  • EU Copyright Reform - Research assistance relating to negotiation phase of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.
  • Open Access Tracking Project - Sourcing and tagging of open access related news.
  • OpenAIRE - Creation of checklist tool designed to ensure digital repository compatibility with open access principles.
  • OpenMinTeD - Open licence annotation integrated into text and data mining compatibility matrix.


  • Associate Fellowship of Recognising Excellence in Teaching, University of Glasgow (2020)
  • PhD Scholarship in legal aspects of data and digital innovation at School of Law, in collaboration with international law firm CMS and CREATe, the RCUK copyright centre (2017)
  • Certificates of academic excellence in Competition, Environmental, and Criminal Prejudice and Discrimination Law (University of Stirling, LLB, 2010 – 2014)

Academic achievements

  • LLB Law (Stirling University) First Class (Hons) (2010-2014) (achieving three certificates of academic excellence in Competition, Environmental, and Criminal Prejudice and Discrimination Law)
  • HNC Social Sciences (Ayr College) (2009-2010) (incl. Sociology, Psychology, Criminology and Research Methodology) 

Employment history

  • Research and Teaching Assistant, University of Glasgow (Nov. 2019 – Present)
  • Paralegal, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP (2015-2017)


  • Co-Founder, Scottish Law and Innovation Network (2020 – present)
  • Convenor, Glasgow Social and Digital Change PGR Group (2021 – present)
  • Convenor, University of Glasgow IP Reading Group (2018 – 2021)