Alexandra Margaret Grunberg

Research title: Merchant: A Post-Apocalyptic Shakespearean Exploration of the Future of Mankind, Generational Blame, and the Endurance of Anti-Semitism.

Research Summary

Novel - "MERCHANT (TBD): a post-apocalyptic re-telling of 'The Merchant of Venice,' exploring climate change, Patrilineal Judaism, and the endurance of anti-Semitism

Critical - "LUCY (TBD)" a memoir-poetry-art hybrid piece on Patrilineal Judaism, identity gatekeeping, hybrid monstrosity, bodily constructions of identity, and trauma


full list of creative writing publications can be found at


2019 'Creative Writing: Processes, Theory, Influences' University of Edinburgh - presented paper: 'The Trouble with Tropes: Writing Inclusive Fiction Responsibly'

2019 'DIVISIONS' The College of Arts, University of Glasgow - presented paper: 'I Have Not Been Enough: A Poetic Exploration of the Half-Jewish Identity'

2018 'The Literary Self: From Antiquity to the Digital Age' run in collaboration by the University of Edinburgh, the Institute for Academic Development, the Scottish Graduate School of the Arts, and the School of Classics at the Universiy of St Andrews - presented paper: 'CAinexile: A Story by Stephen King'


2020-2021 GTA English Literature at the University of Glasgow for 'English 2B: Writing and Text'

2020 Tutor Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow for 'Writing Horror'

2019 PGR Workshop Tutor at the University of Glasgow for 'Pacing and Productivity'