Ahmed Mirza

Email: 2060714M@student.gla.ac.uk

Office: Room 507, Adam Smith Building

Telephone: +44(0)141 330 8613


Research title: The Impact of Formal and Informal Institutions on Total Entrepreneurial Activity (a neo-institutional theory approach)

Research Summary

When examining factors/influences on SME entrepreneurship entry rates within a particular country, two particular aspects can be examined. Institutions are broadly categorized into formal and informal institutions.
Formal institutions examine aspects of laws, rules, and regulations. Informal institutions consist of both normative and cognitive components such as conventions, norms, and behaviors (i.e.culture).
A country’s institutional framework affects entrepreneurship by influencing the number of people willing to be entrepreneurs and the insitutions in society who are eager to facilitate mechanisms enabling existence of such entrepreneurs. 
Emphasis in this study will be on the latter aspects of informal insitutions examining particular dimensions of National culture (especially components of 'Uncertainty avoidance' and 'Long-Term orientation'). The study will investigate the influence of National culture their impact on SMEs accounting for various formal insitutions presence (e.g. ease/access of finance facilities). 
Such a study will attempt to provide a holistic picture of countries and their insitutional settings respectively.    


Ahmed is a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) for the following modules at an undergraduate honours level:

- MGT 4023 (Strategic Management)
- MGT 4003 (Global Business)

Both modules presented above will run for the first academic term of 2020-2021. 

Furthermore, Ahmed is also a GTA representative within the Department of Management at the Adam Smith Business School ensuring concerns of GTAs are addressed adequately by relevant parties within the University.

Additional Information

Ahmed is a ‘third culture’ individual whose parents came from Pakistan, was raised in Kuwait and has been in the U.K engaging in work and higher education.

Currently, he is a second-year Candidate (R) in Management at the Adam Smith Business School.

Alongisde his research and teaching duties, Ahmed is also the College of Social Sciences Representative for the PhD Society at the University. This role involves liaison with the five different schools present within the college and raising particular issues concerning postgraduate research students within the University. Link for the society can be found here: https://www.glasgowstudent.net/clubs/listings/phd-society/.

Ahmed attended University of Glasgow in his undergraduate degree having read an MA (Hons) in Business&Management. Furthermore, he has attended University of St.Andrews for his postgraduate degree having read an MLitt in International Business.

Ahmed’s research interests include:

  • Strategy
  • Emerging Markets and Multinationals (particularly emergence of China)
  • Accountability and Corruption Transparency Implications