Uplift/Delivery of Small Items Form

Uplift/Delivery of Small Items Form

For uplift/delivery of items larger than an A4 file box, please contact the Estates Helpdesk.


Time of Pickup:

Contact Name:

Contact Email:

Contact Tel. No.:


Numerical Budget Code (Mandatory):

Full Job Details (description, dimensions, quantity, etc.):

Finally, please email ecs-business-hub@glasgow.ac.uk a photograph of the small item(s) that need to be uplifted/delivered along with the subject header '[your requested pickup date, place and time]' so that we can match the photo to your form.

Overtime charges apply before 08:30 and after 16:15 on weekdays and at all times on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Any further queries: ecs-business-hub@glasgow.ac.uk