Free nextbike memberships for staff and students

‌‌From 15th October 2015 the University offers nextbike memberships for staff and students for free.   

Save £30 of annual subscription fees for the use of nextbike hire bikes from more than 30 hire stations in Glasgow!

As part of the University's Travel Planning process, nextbike hire bikes are being made available for staff and students who want to cycle to and from the University, during the day between University locations and for leisure purposes. This compliments the University's efforts to support and encourage cycling as a sustainable and active means to travel. 


Use of NextBikes on University Business

Staff members may use NextBikes when travelling on University business, for example between campuses.

When using NextBikes on University Business, the University expects you

- to have ability and up-to-date cycling skills. Please see also below section on 'Cycling Training'.

- to wear a helmet and a high-visibility waistcoat. If you do not own them, they are provided by the University for free for those using the hire bicycles on University Business. Please email, to obtain them. Please note, this offer is not meant for commuting trips.

- consider the appropriateness of cycling in darkness and/or rain, snow, high winds or other weather conditions that may decrease visibility

- wherever possible, to take routes that are not on-road. Please see below section on 'Recommended Routes'.

As these bicycles are hired and not property of the users, no mileage expenses claim for cycling can be made.

A monthly overview of use and cost will be issued to the subscriber, which can be used to claim any usage cost back from the University.


How to sign up

To sign up, go to, and register, following the instructions on the web site.

If you use your University email address for registration, the annual membership will be FREE for you.

Follow these steps to register -

  • Register with your University email address and select your University from the 'Partner' dropdown.
  • You don't need to select a 'Subscription' option.
  • Continue and click the link in the activation email to verify your account.
  • Login using the details provided and enter payment details to avoid your account being blocked later (optional).

Please note - the membership is free, but you still will have to register with payment (card) details. A deposit of £1 is taken of your card to validate it. This £1 is credited to your nextbike account.

You will not be charged for the first 60 minutes of bike use, but have to pay any further usage cost as outlined on

Whilst a good number of free memberships are available, their number is limited. To prevent subscribers who do not use the offer from blocking memberships to others, an email will be issued to the subscriber, when no bike use has occured for a month. If another month passes without any usage, the subscribtion will be ended and made available for other interested staff and students.


Cycling Training

The University expects that users of the offer have the necessary skill and ability to use bicycles safely on the road.

In co-operation with Bike for Good, the University offers regularly free cycling training for staff. Please contact the Travel and Transport Co-ordinator on, if you want to receive on-road cycling training.

If you want to refresh your skills or increase on-road confidence, try out Cycling Scotland's 'Essential Cycling Skill' app which can be downloaded here.


Recommended Routes 

For cycling between Tay House and the Main Campus use the routes as marked out in the following maps

 - From nextbike station at Mitchell Library, Kent Road (nextbike station number 8425) to nextbike station at University Avenue, Wolfson Medical School (nextbike station number 8422)

Recommended cycle route from nextbike station at Mitchell Library

 - From nextbike station at University Avenue, Wolfson Medical School (nextbike station number 8422) to nextbike station at Mitchell Library, Kent Road (nextbike station number 8425)

Recommended cycle route from nextbike station at University Avenue

Both routes are chosen for mainly segregated cycle paths in both directions, such as on Elderslie Street, Claremont Street and Berkeley Street, and park paths. They differ due to one-way systems.

To find other cycle routes, use the Cyclestreets Journey Planner, or check Glasgow City Council's cycling webpage for local maps.

The University has also developed a 'Cycle Safely !' map for the Gilmorehill area.


Other information

The University's Cycling webpage shows locations for cycle parking facilities, showers and on-campus bike repair stations. There is one inner tube vending machine in the Stevenson Building.

Staff members may be eligible for participation in CyclePlus, the University's 'Cycle to Work' scheme, under which they can obtain discounted cycling equipment.