Bicycle repair on campus

There are five bicycle repair stations on Gilmorehill campus -

  • at Wolfson Medical School
  • at Sir Alwyn Williams Building
  • at Library / Fraser Building
  • at James Watt South Building
  • at Stevenson Building.

There are two bicycle repair stations on Garscube campus -

  • at Mary Stuart Building
  • at Wolfson Hall

There are also repair stations at the Student residencies.

The stations consist of a bike stand, a toolset and pump (suitable for Presta and Schrader valves) and are therefore perfect for all repair and maintenance work to be done to get you home on your bike.

A bicycle emergency repair kit is also available for use on the Main Gate House, University Avenue. It consists of lubricant, puncture repair kits, a pump and an all-purpose tool. All University cyclists are welcome to use it.