Bicycle parking facilities on Garscube campus

Location Description 
Veterinary School, McCall Building/Mary Stewart Building 14 unsheltered and 5 sheltered spaces, space for 38 bicycles 
Veterinary School, opp McCall Building 3 racks with 5 Sheffield stands each, space for 30 bicycles
Veterinary School, Centre for Virus Research (M Stoker Bldg) 13 sheltered stands, space for 26 bicycles
Veterinary School, at MRI facility 15 sheltered stands, space for 30 bicycles
Weipers Equine Centre 5 stands, 10 spaces 
Small Animal Hospital 7 stands, 14 spaces  and one sheltered rack with 5 stands in car park, 10 spaces
Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre, left of entrance 7 racks with 5 stands each, 70 spaces
Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, external store 36 stands, of which 25 allow double-sided use, 61 spaces
Garscube Sports Complex 20 stands, 40 spaces
Wolfson Hall and Kelvin Conference Centre 2 stands, 4 spaces at entrance. 2 access-controlled sheds at rear of the building
at Scottish Centre for Production Animal Health and Food Safety 5 single stands, 10 spaces
at Ilay Road entrance Shelter with rack with 5 stands, 10 spaces
Back of Henry Wellcome Building 3 single stands and rack with 5 stands, 16 spaces
Front of Henry Wellcome Building Rack with 5 stands, 10 spaces
Observatory, Acre Road Campus Sheltered rack with 5 stands, 10 spaces