Thursday 24th February


Film Screening and Discussion: The Response

7-9pm - Online

Join us for a screening and discussion of the ‘The Response: How Puerto Ricans Are Restoring Power to the People’. Feel free to watch the film with us at 19:00 or just come along for the discussion at 19:30. If you would like to watch the film in advance you can find it here.

Film description: In the wake of Hurricane Maria, a quiet revolution has been percolating on the island of Puerto Rico. What began as an impromptu community kitchen meant to help feed survivors in the town of Caguas quickly grew into an island-wide network of mutual aid centres (Centros de Apoyo Mutuo) with the ultimate goal to restore power — both electric and civic — to the people.

The award-winning 30-minute micro-budget film, “The Response: How Puerto Ricans Are Restoring Power to the People,” explores how the mutual aid centres sprung up across the island while centring the voices of those involved in these bold grassroots relief efforts and the movement for popular power that is continuing to emerge.

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Creating Our Plates

1-5pm, James McCune Smith Learning Hub

Drop-in to our stall at the James McCune Smith Learning Hub to find out more about sustainable food.

Do you ever think about how the food that you’re eating has ended up on your plate? In our pop-up workshop we want to encourage you to think about your favourite meal, and then ask yourself the following questions: ‘what ingredients will it use?’, ‘where has the food travelled from?’, ‘where is this food produced?’.

Participants will be encouraged to work creatively to design their perfect sustainable meal by using wee plate templates, writing on post-it notes and collaging words and images. These will then be displayed alongside other creative approaches to climate change at our exhibition, ‘Creating Our Planet’, which will be held at The Alchemy Experiment at the end of the week.