Friday 25th February


'Creating Our Planet' Exhibition

Friday 25th to Monday 28th - The Alchemy Experiment

As part of this year’s Glasgow Goes Green Festival, we are holding a physical exhibition on the theme 'Creating Our Pllanet' at the Alchemy Experiment. Our hope is that this exhibition will demonstrate the need for a creative and interdisciplinary approach to the climate crisis.

Submit your work

Anyone can submit their work for the opportunity to be featured in the exhibition. The theme is deliberately open-ended and your work can respond to 'Creating Our Planet' in any way you see fit. This is not a traditional art exhibition; we are looking for ideas. Think architectural designs of future worlds, engineering projects solving environmental issues, photography of how you see the world, poetry written to future generations, paintings of how you want the planet to make you feel. The theme is yours to interpret.

Submit your work here by Friday 11th February at 11pm.

Any queries please email