Share Your Good Practice

The toolkit is all about sharing tips and ideas to help students and staff get the most out of the student representation system at UofG.  We want to hear from you - if your School or Subject area does anything particularly effective to elect and support class reps, make SSLCs work well, close the feedback loop and so on, let us know on the form below.

Please note, submitting this form will send an email from you to the SRC, who will arrange for your example to be published in this toolkit, or may contact you for more information. Your name will not appear on the website, but the name of your School/Subject will.  The SRC will keep your original email for one year in case of any queries, and then delete it.  If you have any queries about this process please email directly.

Please enter the following details Your email address What School or Subject area does your good practice take place in? What is your example of good practice relating to the student representation system? How has this practice improved the effectiveness of the student representation system in your area?