University of Glasgow degree parchments are issued in Latin and now contain an English translation at the bottom of the parchment. If you received a parchment before the English translation was included, organisations and potential employers may request that you send a copy of your degree translated into English. You can organise this by requesting a parchment translation.

  • Graduates will be required to submit an application and pay a fee (update: we are currently waiving processing fees in light of current circumstances). See below for further information.

Parchment Translations

Our parchment translations include a full English translation of the Latin text on your degree parchment. All hard copies of our letters are stamped and signed. We do not stamp digital documents. Please note that we do not produce or send copies of degree parchments, for this you will need to consult a Notary Public or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Apply Online
Applications should be submitted through our online service catalogue. Please note that documents will be produced within 15 working days.

Standard processing fees are £10 for one copy plus £1 for each additional copy with delivery fees added separately (if applicable). Please note that we are currently waiving processing fees in light of current circumstances and therefore only offering free standard Royal Mail first class or air mail delivery at this time.