Advice for new outgoing exchange students

Congratulations on being accepted as an international exchange student.

Pre-departure Guide

We know that there are many things to think about so before you go so we've put together all the information you need in the 2019 pre-departure guide  

Before you travel please familiarise yourself with the University of Glasgow travel safety protocol.

Support available

Remember that the staff of the International/Study Abroad Office at the University you are attending have a lot of experience of dealing with difficulties which arise for overseas students, both academic and personal, and are always ready to offer advice or assistance. Please do not struggle with problems for some time, when a solution might easily have been found by reference to either the International Office there or to this office.

>> University of Glasgow Go Abroad contacts

Also you may find it helpful to read about the Study Abroad experience from a student's point of view by reading our Go abroad Student Ambassador blogs.

Please make sure you are logged onto the Exchange Programme Moodle as all updates and communications can be found here.



Important items to take with you may include:

  • Passport
  • Pre-Departure Guide
  • PPA (Please Provide Assistance) Card
  • Copy of your acceptance letter and any important correspondence from the University
  • Driving Licence (necessary for car hire)
  • Insurance Policy Documents
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of grant letter and Student Loan number (in the event of problems)
  • Chequebook and card, credit card, travellers cheques
  • Foreign currency
  • ISIC Card
  • Passport photographs
  • Course Overseas Course Evaluation Form

Useful external links

We recommend that you consult the following websites to gain advice prior to your application and ensure you are making an informed choice: