Graduate Attributes: More Than a Degree

Your Graduate Attributes are the academic abilities, personal qualities and transferable skills that all our students will have the chance to develop as part of their University of Glasgow experience.

Everything do at university - from studying your degree, to volunteering with a student body, to joining a club or society - brings the opportunity to help you develop them.

Explore UofG's list of 10 Graduate Attributes below, and ask yourself:

  • How much have you developed in each one so far?
  • What experiences and achievements would you tell someone about to convince them?
  • Are you weaker in some than in others?
  • What could you do to change that while you're still with us at UofG?

When you're getting ready to leave UofG and to apply for whatever comes next, you'll be able to describe your successes in terms of your Graduate Attributes.

Add them as skills to your CV or LinkedIn. You might even be able to get things added to your official HEAR transcript.