What is it?

Resourceful and Responsible

Attribute Dimension
University of Glasgow graduates...
 Academic Are experienced in self-directed learning and authentic research-led enquiry
 Personal Are motivated, conscientious and self-sufficient individuals capable of substantial independent work
 Transferable Manage their personal performance to meet expectations and demonstrate drive, determination, and accountability

How will my degree develop it?

How will my degree develop it?

You quickly learn that studying for a degree is different to the experience of learning at school. University study is characterised by a significant degree of independent work - there may be lectures, labs and tutorials, but you’ll also spend a lot of time working unsupervised. You’re responsible for your own learning: you have to direct your efforts and manage your time to meet the deadlines and requirements of your course.

Most degree programmes culminate in some kind of substantial piece of independent work - a dissertation, a research project or similar. That level of personal responsibility may seem overwhelming at the start, but you’re not thrown in at the deep end – over the course of your time at Glasgow you’ll gradually hone the self-management skills you need to succeed through the completion of smaller assignments.

And while that level of responsibility can be daunting, it can also be empowering: you’ll feel a sense of pride, ownership and achievement in your work.

Self-management, personal responsibility and resourcefulness are invaluable skills whatever you go on to do next: you’re sure to be well equipped for anything life can throw at you, and it almost goes without saying that employers highly value candidates who aren’t afraid to take charge and tackle big problems head on.

And if you really want to put your new-found skills to the test, there’s always postgraduate study…

How else can I develop it?

How else can I develop it?

Resourceful and responsible individuals are fully at home in working on their own. During the course of your degree you’ll get plenty of practice in producing work independently, but if you want to brush up on your self-management skills:

  • The Student Learning Service offer year-round workshops in time management (just don’t turn up late!)
  • The Library’s pages on how to find information are an invaluable guide to locating useful resources – perfect for when you’ve exhausted your course reading list