What is it?

Ethically and Socially Aware

Attribute dimension University of Glasgow graduates... 
 Academic  Consider and act upon the ethical, social and global responsibilities of their actions
 Personal  Welcome exposure to the richness of multi-cultural and international experiences, opportunities and ways of thinking
 Transferable  Have a practical and contemporary knowledge of relevant professional, ethical and legal frameworks

How will my degree develop it?

How will my degree develop it?

Many people decide to be doctors, teachers or scientists because they want to make the world a better place. But every one of us has the power to make our mark upon society. Every action we take as individuals – everything from the politics we follow down to the food we eat – has implications far beyond the reach of our everyday experience.

Through reflecting on these issues we can change our behaviour for the better. But if we fail to consider the impact of our actions we are just as likely to do harm – even the doctors, teachers and scientists among us.

The culture of higher education encourages reflection on these issues at the highest levels; we’re naturally inquisitive individuals who are constantly striving to better understand the world around us and our place within it.

As a student you’re expected to address the ethical, social and even legal issues arising in the subject material you cover and the personal research you carry out – not just locally, but nationally and globally as well.

It can be difficult to think about issues from multiple perspectives if they fall outside of your immediate personal experience. But Glasgow offers a vibrant, diverse community of students from all over the globe - many of whom come from nationalities and cultures entirely different from your own.

And as you share your experiences both in and out of class you’ll develop an ever-widening perspective on society and the world – and an appreciation of your ability to change them for the better.

How else can I develop it?

How else can I develop it?

Being ethically and socially aware means possessing an awareness and appreciation of the world, and the role you can play in shaping it. Broaden your horizons as a member of one of the most diverse campus communities in Britain.

Volunteering is a great way to do your part for local, national and global society. You can find the full list of opportunities on the website, but highlights include:

And if you don’t feel you have the time to commit to volunteering, there are other ways to get involved too: