Embedding video/audio content

Video and audio content may be added from our media server or from Youtube.

To add content to our media server please follow the steps outlined in: Share video content

There are three players available:

  • smallplayer - Small footprint player, automatically floated right with caption beneath
  • largeplayer - Full width of main column on a two column page
  • popupplayer - Small footprint thumbnail, floated right which pops out into a lightbox

Embedding a standard player

  • In the t4 content editor, type the title of your video.
  • Highlight the title and select 'insert/edit external link'
  • In the 'link URL' box add the URL of the video and click OK'
  • Highlight the text again, and from 'Format: Formats' select one of the following:
    • smallplayer
    • largeplayer
    • popupplayer
  • Preview your content to examine the positioning of your new player

By default a thumbnail is generated from around 10 seconds into the video. You can add a custom thumbnail by following these steps:

  • Upload your thumbnail to the t4 media liibrary
  • Add the thumbnail to your content as an image
  • Link the image to your mp4 file and use one of the video classes to generate the player.


You should remember that using video makes meeting web accessibility guidelines much more difficult.

  • To conform with single-A guidelines, you must provide a transcript
  • To conform with double-A guidleines, you must provide a transcript, captions and audio description
  • To conform with triple-A guidelines, you must provide a transcript, captions, an extended audio description and a sign language interpretation.

We would advise that you are at least able to provide a transcription on demand.