Objectives of www.glasgow.ac.uk

Support student recruitment with a focus on:

  • high quality PGT and PGR
  • international students
  • high quality UG students, broader demographic base

 Support our research aims:

  • communicate our research excellence simply
  • increase research reputation, especially internationally
  • provide compelling information for funders       

 Enhance our reputation:

  • to aid successful delivery of all corporate objectives

Subjects A-Z

Subjects A-Z is a simple navigational aid that provides lists of links to information on our website (in addition to Academic units A-Z, Staff A-Z and our local search).  Subjects A-Z is not a repository of content.  It supports a visitor to find related subject content located within school, research institute, college and programme A-Z websites.

How does content become listed on Subjects A-Z?

List of subjects

The list of subjects should provide a broad but concise overview of the academic activities of the University.  It is not intended to provide an exhaustive list of every activity across campus.  

  • Each subject is approved by the Head of College and is defined as a subject within the HR database
  • Sub-subjects and synonyms (listed in the format [including: x,y,z]) are approved by College Recruitment Marketing Officers and the Communications Office
  • Introductory text is created, amended and approved by College Recruitment Marketing Officers and the Communications Office

Undergraduate degree programmes, Postgraduate taught degrees

A programme must be inluded in Undergraduate degree programmes A-Z or Postgraduate taught degrees A-Z before it can be linked to from a subject page.

Programmes may be linked to from more than one subject.  Please mail webteam@gla.ac.uk if you would like a programme to be linked to from an additional subject page.

Staff A-Z

Staff are allocated to a subject by the HR databse.


Links to research activities are approved by your Principal Web Publisher and generated by the webteam. Please mail your Principal Web Publisher if you would like to add a link to your subject research page.

Additional benefits of Subjects A-Z?

The webteam has extended the implementation of Subjects A-Z to include the ability to:

  • Refine the list of staff published on a school website by subject eg. School of Humanities > Our staff
  • Refine the list of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes published on a school website by subject eg. Business School >
  • Refine the list of subjects by college or school


The rationale behind creating Subjects A-Z is:

  • to raise the profile of traditional subject disciplines for visitors unfamiliar with our school, institute and college strucure eg. a website visitor does not need to know that they need to visit the School of Critical Studies to find information relating to the subject activity of Theology and Religious Studies.
  • to raise the profile of new multidisciplinary themes and initiatives, eg. Global Security
  • to allow interdisciplinary subject content to reach a wider audience.  For example, the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences (GES) run programmes aimed at biologists and civil engineers  ie. Aquatic System Science, Coastal System Management, Freshwater System Science and Marine System Science. The Subjects A-Z allows the university to promote these programmes from multiple subject pages  ( ie. GES, Engineering and Life Sciences) in addition to the parent School of GES website

We expect that most of our key external audiences will use Subjects A-Z

  • Prospective postgraduate research students
  • Prospective postgraduate taught student
  • Prospective international students
  • Prospective undergraduate students
  • Researchers (from other institutions)
  • Research funders       
  • Government
  • Prospective staff
  • Alumni
  • Business
  • Media/press
  • Visitors
  • Parents