Quick Wins

During the course of the Transforming Research Management project we are assessing improvement requests from users to determine if a change in the existing procedures or system can be implemented in advance of the Transforming Research Management project go live (July 2015). Details of changes completed, in progress or planned are given below.  If you have any ideas for other changes then let us know.

1 Improved lead time for creation of a finance project where the budgets are confirmed, draft collaboration agreements exist and risk is low.  
2 Implementation of a PI portfolio report by individual PI or school to allow college admin resource to efficiently review and manage financial information
In Progress
3 Improve lead times for the processing of awards and set up of Finance Projects by reviewing existing processes to identify common issues which result in delays and update processes to eliminate them.
4 Improve the Agresso system performance specifically for processing and report generation
5 Streamline existing Project Approval Form (PAF) process by manually implementing the defined stage approval criteria for applications and award approval that has been developed for the future automated approval process.
6 Implement the use of GUID credentials for user authentication in Agresso to avoid the use of a second user ID and password


Further information is below

Quick Wins Spreadsheet

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