Drop Ins

Summer Drop In Sessions 29/05/18 - 09/09/18


Sunday            1000 - 1200            Sports Hall, Stevenson Building    


Thursday         1830 - 2000           Activity Hall, Stevenson Building   
Sunday       1200 - 1400 Activity Hall, Stevenson Building


Tuesday          1830 - 1930           Pool 4 Lanes, Stevenson Building  

Drop-In sessions' Descriptors


Our Drop In Badminton sessions are very popular and attended by a range of abilities.  Sport Organisers aim to place you with others of a similar ability to help ensure everyone can experience challenging and enjoyable games.  Equipment is provided and our Sport Organisers are there to answer any questions you might have about skills and rules used in badminton.




Swim Fitness

Swim Fitness is designed for those wanting to improve their swimming technique or those who want to improve their fitness in the pool. The session will be flexible dependant on the needs of the participants and will cover all 4 strokes on a rotation. Each stroke will be broken down to focus on technique and improving efficiency and then work to build up distance and stamina from this point. Minimum requirement for the session of 4 lengths swimming in one continuous stroke.


Drop In Volleyball is one of our most popular sessions with approximately 40 to 50 people attending each week. A Sports Organiser will mix everyone up into teams and then all teams play each other in a round robin for approximately ten minutes. If you are unsure of rules, there will be plenty of people willing to help out and don’t worry, scores are not kept!

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‌Did you know?

Drop-ins are weekly organised, low-key activities in a relaxed environment with the emphasis on fun. We provide facilities & equipment - you participate for free!