The word yoga is derived from the word ‘yug’ which means to unite. Yoga is a sport with the incredible ability to unite the body and mind in ways that set it apart from many other activities. In our society stress and anxieties are encountered daily and without positive ways of overcoming them, they can become all consuming. Our drive for productivity often leads to us disrespecting or depriving our bodies. Yoga tries to connect individuals to be more receptive to their inner body feelings and allows the appropriate compassion and care to be given. 

This club offers yoga to any ability and hopes to reach out to as many individuals as possible. Our hope as a committee is that this sport helps build the mental and physical strength of all of its members. We are a very welcoming family who believe the mindset built by yoga will help in many aspects of students’ lives, ranging from studying to other sports. 

We currently offer each member 2 classes a week on a Tuesday and Friday. Each member can choose which 45 minute class to Join based on ability. This inclusivity also spans to our socials which are based around the same principles of respecting your body so are slightly unconventional to many current gusa clubs. We have a range of brunches and tea socials and also run workshops aimed at special styles of yoga or mindfulness. 

If you would be interested in joining please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee, we would love to meet you and set you off on your journey to a better connection with your body and mind.

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