Volleyball Men

We have enjoyed great success over the past few years both in terms of competitive play and ever increasing numbers of recreational members. Our successes are due to high quality socialising combined with hard work on the court during our training sessions.


We have a team training session every week during the 2 semesters, which is dedicated to improving the individual qualities of every player in the team, and the team’s collective spirit and capabilities. 

We also have drop-in sessions, where you get to meet all our members and benefit from their experience and friendly banter on court, whatever your skill level! The aim is to integrate competitive and recreational play so that everyone will feel right at home.


We compete on a regular basis throughout both terms. We participate in two main competitions - the BUCS Volleyball Scottish 1A League, and the BUCS Volleyball Trophy.

Some notable achievements we had over the last several years are: 

2014/2015 - 1st place in the BUCS Volleyball Scottish 1A League

2016/2017 - 2nd place in the BUCS Volleyball Scottish 1A League 

If you enjoy watching volleyball, come and support us - spectators are welcomed for all of our games!


As a club we have a great tradition of competitive success and we are looking to continue this success by adding new players to our club. We are looking for new players of all levels, from the social players to the competitive ones.

Connect With Us

For getting the most up to date information about games and events, you can like our page on Facebook -

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Additionally, you can contact the club’s committee members using the emails listed below.


Club Captain captain-mensvolleyball@gusa.gla.ac.uk
Club Treasurer treasurer-mensvolleyball@gusa.gla.ac.uk
Club Secretary secretary-mensvolleyball@gusa.gla.ac.uk