Potholing (Caving)

Explore Limestone passages following underground river systems. Descend on ropes through gigantic vertical cave systems. See cave formations, stalactites, stalagmites and fossils. Experienced cavers and total newcomers from the potholing association have done all these things over the past few years and you can join us.

Have you ever watched Planet Earth with your mouth open in awe? Take part in our expeditions and experience first-hand such challenges as SRT and navigation of complex cave systems. Be deafened by the power of a surging waterfall; conquer your apprehensions before stepping out into the void to descend into darkness on a single strand of rope. Squeeze through gaps so small you can't even turn your helmet when halfway through. Do all this before clambering out of the cave and heading to the pub, tired, hungry and knowing that you really earned your pints.

We run regular trips, usually to Yorkshire, Derbyshire or Assynt, every second weekend. You don’t need to have any specialist equipment or experience. We can provide all of this.

We go bouldering at TCA every Thursday at 5:30pm  then head to the pub for a wee social to have a casual chat over a few drinks. Feel free to join us anytime to climb or chat! Follow us on facebook or email us to see up-to-date information of meeting times and places. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us through email or facebook messenger.


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