Kendo means the "way of the sword" and is a modern Japanese martial art of sword fighting. Originating from the centuries old Kenjutsu developed by the Samurai class, Kendo uses armour (Bogu) and bamboo swords (Shinai) to allow safe yet realistic fights.


kendoA kendo bout is an intense experience that challenges competitors both mentally and physically. Training involves not only practicing cutting techniques but also regular duels allowing practitioners to continually improve themselves.

Aside from being a good cardiovascular workout, Kendo also has many other benefits such as improving concentration and relieving stress.

The success

This season the Kendo Club competed in a number of competitions, both individual and team and had a great deal of success.  This included in the UK University Takiai: Bronze for a joint GUKC and Strathclyde tea and a silver in the women's open.  Added to this at the Scottish University Taikai event we won Bronze for GUKC Open Team, Bronze in the Men's Open, Gold in the Women's Open and Gold in the Women's Beginners.


Beginners are welcome to drop by for a free trial session at GUKC within the first three weeks of each semester, unless they have prior kendo experience.  All you need is comfortable clothing, we'll supply the rest!


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