UofG Karate Club

GU Karate Club

Karate, or "empty hand", is a martial art stemming from Okinawan martial arts, which were developed in secret when weapons and martial arts were banned on the Okinawan islands during Satsuma clan rule.

Our club focuses on Shotokan karate, a style known for its powerful techniques and dynamic movements. We strive to offer well-rounded trainings to give members a strong foundation in basic techniques (kihon) which they can further develop and implement in further trainings or competitions as sparring (kumite) or forms (kata). We also give opportunities to supplement trainings with trainer and student-led gym and self-defence sessions.

We are a very friendly club and are open to everyone; you may be a beginner or an advanced practitioner of karate, but you are sure to find what you enjoy here. Members of our club have access to not only three weekly trainings and a gym session, but also to daily karate classes at our parent organisation, Satori Martial Arts.

Our club also has a strong social aspect, with monthly socials, occasional potlucks and flat parties, and regular visits to QMU after Thursday trainings.


  • Tuesdays 2015-2215 (Studio 2)
    more traditional karate-oriented
  • Thursdays 1900-2100 (Studio 2)
    more competition-oriented
  • Saturdays 1530-1730 (Studio 3)
    predominantly student-led sessions complementing weekly trainings
  • Sunday 0900-1030 (Studio 1)
    strength and conditioning (new this year)
  • Club Sport Training Timetable


To join our club, all you have to do is secure gym membership and then simply stop by any of our weekday (Tuesday/Thursday) training slots, after which you can decide whether our club is right for you and you want to become a member. When first coming to training, wear comfortable gym clothes, remove all piercings and jewellery, and be advised there are no shoes or socks to be worn in Studio 2/3 at any time.

Page last updated: November 2019