GUSA Freshers' Helper Application Forms 2019

GUSA Freshers' Helper Application Form 2019 

Forms must be submitted to the application box outside the GUSA office inside 62 Oakfield Avenue.

If absolutely necessary, forms can also be submitted electronically to: 

Required availability: Thursday 12th September - Sunday 22th September 2019

Application deadline: 8pm on Sunday 21st April 2019


Chancellor's Fund For Sport

The Chancellor’s fund for Sport is a sub-section of the Chancellor’s Fund and is delegated to GUSA to award to one-off sporting trips/projects for students at the University of Glasgow.

In the past we have had trips such as:

  • Sparring atop Ben Nevis
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro
  • A 24hour cycle at Le Mans racetrack in France
  • Trekking the GR10 route through the Pyrenees
  • Swimming the Channel

Applicants should be looking for aid in trips which are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and those which take them away from their usual sporting activities. 

Applications and guidelines for the Fund can be found detailed below:

Chancellor's Fund Application Form

Chancellors Fund Guidelines

How to apply:

Download the form and submit to the GUSA finance convenor by 1700, Friday 22nd March 2019.

The committee consisting of representatives from GUSA and UofG Sport will then meet to discuss applications and allocate funds. No trip is guaranteed access to funds.

All applications must be submitted by email to the GUSA Finance Convenor at by Friday 22nd March 2019.

Priority will be given to projects which are:

  • Aspirational relative to the individuals or group
  • An opportunity to experience new activities
  • A test/challenge to the participants
  • A chance to learn and develop skills
  • Activities out with normal sports endeavours for the participants

Proposal content

All submitted proposals must include the following details to be considered:

Purpose of the Project:

  • An outline of the key aims and objectives of the project/trip
  • An outline of the key Benefits of the project/trip
  • Proposed Dates of trip (if applicable)

Who will benefit from the project:

  • Numbers, names and matriculation numbers of all those intending to participate
  • Details, if any, of long-term benefits for those who are involved in the project/trip
  • Details, if any, of long term benefits for those not directly involved in the project/trip (e.g. Other students and the wider community)
  • Details, if any, of long-term benefits for the University

Funding details:

  • Total cost of the project/trip
  • Detailed breakdown of costs
  • Funds secured to date from fundraising and other sponsorship (if applicable)
  • Estimated schedule of payments for project/trip
  • Total funding support requested from Chancellor’s Fund for Sport

Fundraising activities and grants

  • Details of any planned fundraising events

Background information

  • Details, if any, of previous, similar projects/trips
  • Details, if any, of similar future projects/trips planned

Relevant preparations to date

  • Details of relevant research, planning and organisation carried out to date