Equality and Diversity Essentials Course Completion 2014/15

Issued: Thu, 08 Jan 2015 10:19:00 GMT

At the beginning of the academic year we asked a member from each sports club in GUSA to complete the Equality and Diversity Essentials Course provided by the University.

We did this to ensure that all students involved in club sport are being treated fairly.

The module outlines definitions such as different forms of discrimination (direct, indirect etc.), what constitutes bullying or harassment, and provides a brief overview on cultural awareness.

A total of 41 clubs participated with the following individuals from each club completing the course and passing the online test:

GUSA Council
Tom Gebbie GUSA Council - President
Caitlin Kelly GUSA Council – Vice President
Sandra Perry GUSA Council – Secretary
Katherine Paines GUSA Council – Alumni Convenor
Richard Yianni GUSA Council – Club Sport Convenor
Charlotte Howard GUSA Council – Finance Convenor
Brogan Sinclair GUSA Council – Fundraising Convenor
Simon Brownlee GUSA Council – Health and Fitness Convenor
Olivia Collison-Owen GUSA Council – Publicity Convenor
Julien Harrison-Ramirez GUSA Council – Recreation Convenor
Paddy Knaggs GUSA Council – Travel Convenor
Candice Lindsay GUSA Council – Welfare Convenor
Club members
Fiona Porter Aikido Club
Michael Yule American Football Club
Karen McClymont Athletics Club
Kieran Wood Athletics Club
Jordan Lau Badminton Club
Lynne Sinclair Basketball (Women’s) Club
Emma Baxter  Boat Club
Lorinc Kovacs Boxing Club
George Elderfield Canoe Club
James Whittle Curling Club
Emma MacLaren Cycling Club
Lorna Hassall Equestrian/Riding Club
Christiana Bissett Fencing Club
Jonathan Thomson Football (Men’s) Club
Tabeetha Sun Football (Women’s) Club
Christopher Curran Gaelic Football Club
Lucy Ambrose Hockey (Women’s) Club
Hayleigh Dumbreck Hockey (Women’s) Club
Zoe Haddow Hockey (Women’s) Club
Karen Rostron Hockey (Women’s) Club
Lucy Taylor Hockey (Women’s) Club
Selina Baechli Judo Club
Nora Beeking Judo Club
Riccardo Parola Karate Club
Nikolas Zivanas Kendo Club
Charlotte Toms Lacrosse Club
William Hastie Mountaineering Club
Grace Batchelor Netball Club
Sian Collins Netball Club
Catherine Hayden Netball Club
John Mclauchlan Potholing Club
Lindsey McKerrell Rifle and Sporting Gun Club
Steven Moyes Rugby (Men’s) Club
Jayne Paterson Rugby (Women’s) Club
Gregor Southall Sailing Club
Christina Butowski Shinty Club
Ryan Houghton Shorinji Kempo Club
Ailsa Pender Ski and Snowboard Club
Bryony Hart Squash Club
Raymond Robbie  Squash Club
Sean Kelly Swimming and Water Polo Club
Bartosz Ciszewski Sub Aqua Club
David Philpott Surf Club
Maria Sasso Tennis Club
Olivia Gordon Trampoline Club
Hilary Seadon Triathlon Club
Michael McManus Volleyball (Men’s) Club
Robyn Dunbar-Smith Volleyball (Women’s) Club
Sylwia Jakuczun Volleyball (Women’s) Club