Disposal of fridges and freezers

Fridges and freezers must be disposed by via the University's contract partner, CCL (North).  There is a charge for disposal of this type of equipment. The charge varies depending on the size of the item. Please see the Fridge Classification Guide to assess what cost band your item may fall under. SEPS can provide further information on the charges but users are advised to obtain a full quotation from CCL (North) to ensure that all uplift and transport costs are included. The  can be used to initiate the request. A photograph should be included to allow CCL to assess the disposal cost.

Departments should request that CCL coordinate the uplift with another planned visit to campus so that, where possible, transport costs are reduced or avoided. Transport cost is significant if a special trip to campus is needed to uplift a single item only.

Note that in addition to the disposal and possible transport cost, a SEPA Consignment Note (cost £30) is legally required for disposal of fridges and freezer as these are classed as special waste. The cost of this can sometimes be split amonst departments if more than one fridge/freezer is being picked up.

All equipment MUST be empty and free from any hazardous residues or contamination before uplift.  It is the responsibility of the user department to ensure that any necessary cleaning and decontamination is done (where required) and that the equipment is labelled as cleaned and safe. The checklist and label in the Quicklinks section can be used to help in this process.

Where it is not possible to clean and decontaminate an item, advice should be sought from SEPS if there is a chemical or biological risk, or from the Radiation Protection Service if there is radiological contamination. Removal of equipment as hazardous waste may still be possible, but will incur additional disposal costs and should only be contemplated if it is not possible to decontaminate the item.