Many University activities result in the production of waste chemicals. These may include cleaning materials, oils, solvents and other specialist chemicals used in research.  Anyone producing or managing waste chemicals is legally required to take a level of care that is clearly defined, this is known as 'duty of care'. A higher level of care is required if the chemical has the potential to cause harm to people or to the environment. Hazardous waste chemicals are known as Special Waste.

The University has appointed an approved supplier for the disposal of chemical waste. Information on how to obtain a quotation for disposal and a suitable form is available in Quick Links on this page. If you need to dispose of an ‘unknown’ chemical you should use the Unknown Chemical Quotation Form when requesting a quotation of cost for disposal. The less information available about the waste the higher the disposal cost is likely to be and so the purpose of this form is to gather as much information as possible. If you are unsure about safely identifying answers to the questions on the form you should contact the University Chemical Safety Adviser who will provide advice.

It is important to remember that the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) apply to waste chemicals and that the requirements of COSHH should be met when handling or storing them.  Further advice on COSHH and chemical safetycan be obtained from SEPS Chemical Safety Adviser.

Scheduled Chemical Waste Collections (2022)

From 01 April 2021 the University has appointed a new chemical waste supplier, Tradebe UK (trading as Avanti Environmental Group Ltd, supplier number 42160). 

Tradebe will continue to provide chemical waste collections on request but will also visit the University regularly every 28 days to pick up chemical waste allowing us to mitigate the collection costs.  If you would like to have your waste picked up as a part of this collection round please fill in the usual paperwork (see quick links) and submit to Tradebe ( 5 working days before the collection date. The scheduled collection dates for 2023 are:

  • 10th/11th Jan 2023
  • 7th/8th Feb 2023
  • 7th/8th Mar 2023
  • 4th/5th Apr 2023
  • 2nd/3rd May 2023
  • 30th/31st May 2023
  • 27th/28th Jun 2023
  • 25th/26th Jul 2023
  • 22nd/23rd Aug 2023
  • 19th/20th Sep 2023
  • 17th/18th Oct 2023
  • 14th/15th Nov 2023
  • 12th/13th Dec 2023