Small quantities of cardboard can be disposed in the internal recyclable waste bin and this will be removed by Cleaning Services staff.

Larger, manageable, quantities should be removed from the building by the waste producer and placed in an external recycling bin. 

Some locations do not have locally sited external bins (e.g. some areas of the Gilbert Scott Building). In these cases Estates & Buildings collects suitably prepared bundles of cardboard from designated external locations and transfers it to a central point for uplift by the approved supplier. Information on your closest uplift location can be obtained from Estates & Buildings.

Whichever route of disposal is relevant to your needs you must ensure that boxes:

  • have all non- cardboard packaging content removed and suitably disposed (e.g. polystyrene 'chips', 'bubble wrap', tie bands etc)
  • are collapsed and secured into bundles that can be reasonably handled and moved

In cases where significant deliveries are expected, arrangements for removal of suitably prepared bundles of cardboard can be made in advance by submitting an Estates & Buildings Works Request. 

Further information on recycling can be found on the relevant Estates & Buildings web pages.