Cleaning Body Fluid Spillages in Public Places and Disposal of Used Hypodermic Syringes and Needles


Occasionally a spillage of body fluid such as blood and vomit  may be discovered in public places within the University estate (e.g. within toilets). In addition, other waste such as hypodermic syringes and needles may also be discovered. This guidance provides information on dealing with these events.

Procedures following discovery of relevant spillages

A number of Cleaning Services Supervisors are trained to handle these incidents.  Within Halls of Residence there are also designated individuals who have been trained to deal with such events. Hospital based Units should follow arrangements established by the host organisation.
Only a suitably trained individual should carry out cleaning of the contaminated area.  Until their arrival the affected site should be closed off, as far as reasonable, to prevent access by the public, untrained University personnel and students. 


During normal working hours you should contact Cleaning Services (extension 4280) who will assign a suitably trained Cleaning Supervisor to attend as soon as possible. Outwith normal working hours you should contact Central Services who will initiate a "call-out" system that will result in appropriate staff attending to deal with the incident.
Within the Halls of Residence you should contact the Hall Manager who will assign a suitably trained member of staff to attend.

Clean- up procedures

SEPS has produced an example procedure for cleaning of a contaminated site. This is guidance for Management Units that may undertake these activities and may be amended to suit local requirements.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Safety & Environmental Protection Services