Carrying University Waste

The carriage of waste is controlled by various pieces of legislation which makes distinctions between a business that carries its own waste and a business that carries waste produced by a third party.

In all cases the producer of the waste has a duty of care to ensure that whoever carries their waste is legally authorised to do so. Further information on waste duty of care is available on SEPS web site.

If you are engaging a University appointed supplier to provide you with waste disposal services ( for example to dispose of electrical equipment or laboratory chemicals) then the process of ensuring that they are authorised to carry that type of waste will have been undertaken prior to them being appointed to deliver the service.

In addition to this some services, schools etc have a need to carry waste that is produced from University activities. The University holds a legal registration which permits this to occur. As a result, there is no requirement for individual administrative units to make additional application for registration as a waste carrier.

It should be noted, however, that there are additional conditions that must be complied with if hazardous waste (e.g. flammable, corrosive, infectious) is being carried. If you require to transport University waste that possesses hazardous properties you should contact SEPS for further advice.