Waste Guidance

A wide range of activities is undertaken within the University and this is mirrored in the diversity of waste types produced. The majority of waste produced is non-hazardous and much of this is suitable for recycling or can be disposed via the normal waste stream.

Some waste types are hazardous or are subject to particular legislative controls and for these types of waste schools/departments must ensure that a suitable waste management and disposal strategy is developed and implemented.

In all cases the producer of waste has a legal responsibility to discharge their duty of care from the moment the item or substance becomes waste to its final destruction. Information and guidance on duty of care, classifying waste and the management and disposal of various types of waste is given below.

 SEPS can provide training on a range of aspects of waste management including:

  • Waste electrical & electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Classification of waste
  • Waste duty of care

For more information, or to arrange training, contact safety@glasgow.ac.uk

Waste Types 
Animal By-Products Infectious
Batteries Lamps
Biological Waste Manure and animal bedding
Cans Oil
Cardboard Paint
Chemicals Paper & Envelopes
Confidential Pesticides
Controlled Drugs Pharmaceuticals
Electrical & Electronic Equipment Plastics

Equipment with coolant gas or insulating foam

(e.g fridges & freezers)

Gels Sharps
Genetically Modified Material  
Glass Wood

General information and guidance notes about waste:

Use of 'My Glasgow' small ads site

This site must not be used to transfer the undernoted types of items, that are the property of the University, to any individual or to any organisation that is not a part of University of Glasgow. When such items become surplus to the requirements of the University they must be disposed via a University approved supplier:

  • Electrical or electronic equipment (including domestic, IT and AV equipment)
  • Hazardous materials or substances, or items that contain these
  • Items, materials or substances that are, clearly, waste.