Latest Update 22nd June 2022 (click to expand)

Update 22nd June 2022

Removal of 'Homeworking' content (Information is now located in SEPS general pages and in UofG Glasgow Anywhere pages.)


Update 20th April 2022

Generic Covid Risk assessment updated to Issue 18, reflection lower risk and removal of final legal restrictions form 18th April 2022.

Removal of redundant Covid-specific first aid and fire risk assessments.

University of Glasgow Covid-19 Resources (click to expand)

Covid-19 Resource Centre

As the pandemic threat reduces and we begin to live relatively normally with Covid, SEPS intend to remove some material from these pages and to integrate content that remains relevant into some of our general safety pages.

The generic risk assessment sets out the University's overall approach to Covid and has been reviewed regularly throughout the pandemic period and adjusted to take account of changes in risk over that period. The lastest revision takes account of removal of the final legal restrictions in Scotland and we hope that the risk continues to remain low.

Unit managers and Principal Investigators should note that their task-specific risks assessments should be kept under review and any Covid element may need to be updated if there are significant changes in risk in the future.