Latest Update 8th October 2020 (click to expand)

Update 7th October 2020

  • Generic risk assessment updated (Issue 7)
  • Practical Skills risk assessment template updated (v1.1)
  • Vulnerable persons risk assessment template updated (v1.6)
  • Guidance on face coverings and respirators updated (v2.1)

Update 8th October 2020

  • Guidance on face covering related dermatitis / acne added

Covid-19 Resource Centre

SEPS have prepared a series of generic Covid-19 risk assessments, templates and other resources in consulation with management units across the University.  These set out, in broad terms, the risks and asssociated control measures being established. They should be read in conjunction with the University's campus Management Plan and Guides. 

Unit managers and Principal Investigators should note that their task-specific risk and COSHH assessments should be reviewed and may need to be updated to take account of changes needed to maintain physical distancing arrangements or to protect workers from infection risk when work on campus recommences. 

In support of this SEPS have prepared a series of risk assessment templates covering general and specific activities that can be used by units planning their return to work processes. Units planning any return in the current phase of Covid control must actively discuss this with Estates to ensure that any on-campus work is properly authorised and co-ordinated.