The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (amended 2002) requires employers to:

  • Provide DSE workstations that meet minimum health and safety requirements.
  • Assess suitability of workstation when required by DSE user.
  • Provide "Users" with adequate training and information about safe use of DSE.
  • Provide an eye sight test (available free from an optician) and pay for spectacles if these are required for computer work.

DSE Flowchart

Training and DSE Self Assessment

The University has adopted a self-assessment approach. Staff are required to undertake online training and complete a workstation self-assessment. The elearning is intended to provide a basic level of training and guide those who are inexperienced in making a step by step assessment of their workstation. It is essential that the final assessment is completed in order for a formal training record to be produced.

 Instructions for AssessRite training

  1. Follow link: DSE Training and Assessment
  2. It should take you to the IT services Business Systems website
    1. Log in using your GUID.
    2. Click on “DSE Training and Assessment” and complete the Assessrite training.
    3. Complete training and assessment and note any issues that still linger after you have adjusted your setup and posture.
    4. Discuss findings with your line manager and Safety Coordinator and implement any remedial actions.

Eye test and spectacles

All DSE users are are entitled to eye examinations and spectacles paid for by their employer. The spectacles MUST be specifically required for computer use and be supported by an Optician's signature. The cost will be met by the employing unit and is limited to £55. Users may make a claim for reimbursement using this form: DSE Spectacles Claim Form.

What are my responsibilities

Line Managers - are responsible for ensuring that new staff complete the DSE training and self-assessment online as part of the induction process, and to keep records to demonstrate this has been done. They are also responsible for:

  • supporting their staff and Safety Coordinators in implementing good DSE practice
  • following up actions arising from individual DSE assessments (including equipment replacement or purchase as required) and
  • investigating any staff health issues related with DSE use and making referrals to Occupational Health, if required.

All staff - are responsible for completing the online DSE training and self-assessment and to take personal responsibility for following the training by ensuring that their DSE equipment, chair and workstation are set up and managed properly and that they take regular breaks from computer use. They must report to their line manager any concerns about this equipment or adverse effects which they believe lone working may be arising from DSE use.

Waste Disposal

When disposing of computing equipment you must comply with the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE Regs). The University has developed procedures to help you in this and further information is available in the Waste section of SEPS web site.