Records and Review of Biological COSHH Risk Assessments

Biological COSHH risk assessments must be reviewed regularly and immediately if they are no longer valid such as if there has been a significant change to the work or to the risks of the work. When reviewing the risk assessment the effectiveness of the preventative or control measures should be carefully re-examined. Biological COSHH risk assessments should in any case be periodically reviewed at least annually. If review of the risk assessment concludes that changes are required then those changes must be made while following the correct process. When you have finished the work relating to a notified biological COSHH risk assessment then the project can be closed. However please note that a notified biological COSHH risk assessment project can legally only be closed if you destroy all biological agents and hazards or transfer the biological agents and hazards to another appropriate notified and approved biological COSHH risk assessment. Notified biological COSHH risk assessment projects can only be closed by notifying HSE. The principal investigator or manager must keep the biological COSHH risk assessments, training records, maintenance and testing records and any other relevant records. The biological COSHH risk assessment should be completed by computer so that you will have electronic records, people can read it easily and the risk assessment can be easily reviewed and communicated. The records must be available for examination at any reasonable time by the managers, safety advisers, safety representatives and HSE inspectors.