Monitoring of Work with Biological Agents and Hazards

The principal investigator or manager must carefully monitor the work. If your biological COSHH risk assessment is suitable and sufficient for the work then each identified control measure is necessary to prevent or control exposure to risk of people, animals, plants and other aspects of the environment. Active monitoring is necessary to ensure that the control measures identified in the biological COSHH risk assessment are appropriate, effective and properly implemented. The review process will provide a point of reference to decide if the risk assessment remains valid but regular monitoring can identify problems at any stage. You should regularly check what people are doing and the activities to ensure that the work is done safely. The type of monitoring needed is proportional to the risks with higher risk work requiring a higher level of monitoring than lower risk work. Where problems are identified such as with the biological COSHH risk assessment, controls or the need for additional training or supervision then action must be taken and the necessary changes or improvements must be to the risk assessment, controls, instructions, training and supervision.