Quality Officers Forum Remit

Quality Officers Forum Remit


The University Quality Officers Forum serves to identify, discuss and advise at a strategic level on issues relating to the University’s Quality Enhancement and Assurance processes and to develop quality assurance in teaching consistent withthe aims of the University.


  • To maintain awareness of local, national and, where appropriate, international developments pertaining to quality enhancement and assurance;
  • To share information, with each other, College Colleagues, ASC andother Committees, on policy issues, best practice and other matters relating to quality enhancement and assurance; and to recommendchange where appropriate;
  • To promote and monitor College-wide engagement with internal and external quality enhancement and assurance developments, policies and processes;
  • To attend and contribute to the University’s annual introductory workshop for Quality Officers and any associated seminars/workshops that may be arranged from time to time;
  • To review annually the structure and content of undergraduate and taught postgraduate Annual Monitoring proformas and Annual Overview Report templates for completion by School and College Quality Officers;
  • To monitor progress with identified aspects of the Learning and Teaching Strategy and College Learning and Teaching Plan through the inclusion of questions on topics of current importance in School Annual Monitoring Summary Report forms;
  • To contribute to the preparation of the Reflective Analysis for Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR);
  • To report to the Academic Standards Committee as appropriate.


College Quality Officers
Director of the Senate Office (or delegate)
Members of the Senate Office involved in QualityEnhancement and Assurance
Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre (or delegate)
2 representatives of the Students' Representative Council

Membership of Quality Officers Forum 2013-14