Mx Claire Copping

  • PGR Administrator (Research & Innovation Services)

pronouns: They/them/theirs

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Mx Claire Copping (they/them) is an administrator who supports researchers at the University of Glasgow. This includes postgraduate students, research staff, and Claire’s fellow members of the Researcher Development and Research Culture Team.

Claire is motivated by their drive to be helpful, dependable, and conducive to improving the mental wellbeing of those they support. Claire has over a decade of experience in the field of administrative support and has been a part of the University for over seven years, as of 2023.

Claire has ADHD and is a member of the University’s Neurodiversity Network. Claire is open about their diagnosis and happy to speak to anyone, staff or student, who is interested or looking for someone with lived experience to talk to about Neurodiversity in the workplace and higher education.