Research Networks

In order to be granted Network status, a formal application must be approved by the University. Once approved, formal reporting measures will apply. 

What is a Research Network?

A Research Network brings together a range of researchers (academic staff, postdoctoral and graduate students) to develop their common interests in an emerging or strategically significant research theme. Networks will have part-time Directors and administrative support to build the community, establish internal and external presence, organise activities such as workshops, seminars and conferences, and prepare bids for external research funding.

Networks will be characterised by excellent research, and by being cross-disciplinary, with clear and extensive cross-college interactions, demonstrated through the active participation of members in the network. The network must also be outward facing, with a clear engagement strategy with external users, including industry, NHS, policy makers, government and the third sector, as appropriate.

RSIO is able to provide financial support to a small number of networks; the decision on whether to fund a network will be made by a panel nominated by the Research Planning and Strategy Committee (RSPC).

Please note that applicants are invited to describe a programme of activities on this form over a period of up to three years; the expectation is that all networks will become sustainable through external funding after three years, so this is the maximum duration over which network funding will be provided. Within the three year period, funding will be guaranteed on a year-by-year basis, where funding in subsequent years will be dependent on performance in the previous year, as measured against an agreed set of milestones.

Network directors are required to submit an annual report of their activities and their plans for the subsequent year.

How to report

Networks must report annually using the proforma available below. Annual reports are due at the start of each financial year (which runs from 1 August to 31 July).

Reports and applications for further funding will be reviewed by a panel nominated by RSPC, which will make funding decisions. If issues arise, these will be taken to RPSC for discussion. Details on RPSC, including meeting dates, can be found here.

Reports should be submitted to with the subject line NETWORK REPORTING.

Reports are to be submitted using the Research Network Annual Report Form (Word document).

Web presence

Formally-approved Networks are required to have a web presence. To arrange for webpages to be created, please contact the Web Team.

Once the Network’s webpages are online, please notify RSIO.

Networks at the University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow has a number of highly influential research networks covering a wide range of themes. Networks supported by RSIO are:

A full list of University networks can be found here.


For queries regarding networks, please contact David Wright (Networks Administrator, RSIO)