Research networks

Research and Innovation Services assists with administration and event management for four highly influential University of Glasgow research networks.  These are:

  • Behaviour, Structure and Interventions (BSI) -The network aims to develop and refine a methodology, at the interface of theory and empirics, that can be applied to the study of substantive issues in a variety of different settings and problems and deliver policy impact.  The network is explicitly inter-disciplinary but with a disciplinary core located in economics and related social sciences.
  • Glasgow Centre for International Development (GCID) - The Centre is building on the University's historical tradition of engagement with low-income countries through its unique range of expertise in the areas of human well-being and animal health, the economy, the environment, learning and citizenship. 
  • GRAMNet - The academic community at the University of Glasgow has a wide range of expertise in relation to refugees, asylum and migration.  This Network aims to bring together researchers and practitioners, NGOs and policy makers working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland.
  • LIFE:TIME - The network brings together researchers from medicine, public health, social science, computer science and engineering working with external researchers, health and public health bodies, third sector organisations particularly those related to sport, and technology companies ranging from small enterprises to large multinational companies.

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David Wright