How Can I Support PGR Mental Health?

Undertaking any role where you are supporting someone’s wellbeing can be intimidating, but effectively supporting our researchers’ mental health doesn’t need to be done in isolation.

In the short video below, we hear from Suzie Shapiro, PGR Mental Health Adviser, who shares three top tips on effectively supporting researchers’ mental health and wellbeing, alongside an overview of key student support services, including ChaplaincyDisability Service and the Counselling Service. Josie Peters, Wellbeing Officer, also shares details on the University’s new Wellbeing Team, and specific PGR mental health activities being delivered in the coming academic year.

If you would like a further conversation on support available, or if you have specific concerns and would like advice or guidance on any mental health or wellbeing issue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Suzie at