Wellbeing Resources for Research Staff

When considering mental health and wellbeing, it is common to think about particular difficulties such as depression or anxiety, but, much like physical health, mental health is on a spectrum; some days good, and others less so. Being actively aware of your mental health, at both work and at home, is important and there is much that can be proactively done.

Taking an engaged approach to your wellbeing can not only help you to function better, but also notice when things aren’t quite right; for example if you are becoming more stressed. This allows action to be taken to address any difficulties before they worsen. If you would like to reflect on how you can effectively look after your general wellbeing, a good place to start is the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Although there is lots can do to support your own wellbeing and mental health, sometimes you might find your ability to function well has become impaired, and that you would benefit from some external support. There are a number if support channels available, including our staff counselling service, PAM Assist, which is linked below along with a range of other wellbeing-related support, policies and resources.