New Researcher Guide

New Researcher Guide

Welcome to the University of Glasgow  

The Researcher Development Team would like to welcome you to the University of Glasgow. As a researcher here you have the opportunity to not only excel at your research but to also invest in yourself and your professional development. 

The Researcher Development Team, our colleagues across the university and in the colleges are here to support you. Our ambition is that every researcher should be enabled to be at their best, and to make informed and active choices about their career ahead. 

Below and in the box to the right we have provided some quick links about getting started, mandatory training and key policies which are relevant to you as a new member of research staff.

The Researcher Development for Research Staff webpage provide you with a range of resources, training information and signposting to some key information that we have collated – make sure to browse these to find out more.

Getting started at the University of Glasgow

We have created two Research Staff Moodle Courses which provide an introduction to the UofG and the wider research landscape, and support you in planning your professional development.  

An Intro to UofG and the Wider Research Landscape (for research staff) 

This short course introduces you to structures, systems, terminology, people and support to help you navigate the research landscape at UofG. There is also information on the wider research & funding landscape in Scotland, and the rest of the UK.  

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Planning your professional development as a researcher at UofG 

Career development is one of the core pillars of the University's new research strategy. This short course will help to ensure you have a clear career development plan for the duration of your contract, and know where you can look for support, training and resources. The course will be useful as we approach the PDR, as it will help you to have meaningful career conversations with your PI, or with a mentor. As a member of research staff here at the UofG you have a minimum of 10 days a year of continuing professional development (pro rata) which you can use to support career exploration and equip you for a broad range of careers.  We’d like to encourage you to think about how you can use these days for your development – here is our Professional Development webpage to give you some ideas. 

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Mandatory Training

Additionally, you can find details of the mandatory training you need to do when you start as a researcher. 

Key Documents Relating to Research and Research Culture

  • Research Policies – familiarise yourself with these policies, as they underpin many discussions and University processes. The Code of Good Practice in research is a great starting point.
  • Concordat for the Career Development of Researchers – reading this will help you to understand roles and responsibilities as a member of research staff, and what you can expect from your PI and the University. See also UofG Concordat action plan, which is our commitment to specific actions to implement the Concordat. 
  • Research Culture – these webpages will explain how we are promoting a positive research culture at UofG.
  • UofG 2020 research strategy – this document focuses on careers, creativity and collaboration in research.