Coffee Connect aims to help University of Glasgow research staff to informally meet other research staff in different areas of the university. Signing up to Coffee Connect simply means that you will be randomly matched for short, monthly, coffee meetings with different researchers across the organisation.

At the beginning of each month, the pairs are announced, and you arrange a chat over coffee at a convenient time, and in a convenient way for you. Your chat might cover your research projects and how they are going, or it might focus on you, and your areas of interest. Approach it in any way that is meaningful to you. No feedback, no reporting, just a break with a colleague.

Our reason for doing this is to make sure we have good ways of helping you to regularly connect to other people in the research community. This helps us, in a small way, work towards our larger aims of creating a better workplace culture by helping you to build networks, navigate UofG, and to get to know (or help others to get to know) how things work in other areas of the university.

To be included in the monthly random match please use this sign-up form.

Please note you only need to complete the form once (not every month) – you will be included on the Coffee Connect list of researchers and you will automatically be paired each month. You can opt back out, or pause your involvement, at any point you wish.

Any questions, just email your Researcher Development Team colleagues or