Communities and Networks for Research Staff

There are a wide range of networks open to research staff, covering everything from subject-specific themes to health and wellbeing. Browse the categories below for more information.

Researcher Development Communities

"Late Career Early Career Researcher" (LC-ECR) Network

Coffee Connect

The LC-ECR group is a support and knowledge exchange for researchers who identify as older than traditional early career researchers. There is no lower age limit for the group. 

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Coffee connect facilitates informal coffee meetings for research staff across UofG

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UofG Research Networks

Ancestral Studies

Behaviour, Structure and Interventions (BSI)

Glasgow Centre for International Development (GCID)

Ancestral Studies is an innovative new interdisciplinary field of study. Concerned with the social, cultural and biological contours of identity, it explores questions of who we are and of past generations engagements with, and definitions of, being and belonging through experiences of place, landscape, language, text, visual and material culture.

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The research network, Behaviour, Structure and Interventions (BSI), aims to develop and refine a methodology, at the interface of theory and empirics, that can be applied to the study of substantive issues in a variety of different settings and problems and deliver policy impact.  The network is explicitly inter-disciplinary but with a disciplinary core located in economics and related social sciences. 

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GCID support and promote the activities of the staff and students at the University of Glasgow working with partners in developing countries around the globe. They are committed to equitable partnerships that deliver positive impacts on the daily lives of the millions of people around the world living in poverty.

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Glasgow End of Life Studies Group

Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet)


The End of Life Studies Group brings together the best ideas and perspectives from the social sciences, humanities, public health and clinical disciplines.

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GRAMNet conducts research and qualitative evaluation on migration, refugees and the asylum process.  As a network, they consult on migration-related policy in the UK and internationally.‌

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LIFE:TIME was founded to develop realistic and sustainable lifestyle interventions for the primary and secondary prevention of chronic diseases, taking account of the wider determinants of health with a programmatic multidisciplinary approach, capitalising on emerging technologies and big data, and focusing on inequalities.

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Centre for Medical and Industrial Ultrasonics (C-MIU)


C-MIU brings together people in an environment that stimulates world-leading research, which is shared with academia, industry, clinicians and the public, and provides research-led training for future leaders in ultrasonics. 

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Researcher Communities

Emotionally Demanding Research Network Scotland

Glasgow Women in Physics

MVLS Network for Early Career Researcher Development (NERDS)

This support network is for all those planning, conducting, supporting or studying emotionally demanding research.

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Glasgow Women in Physics (GWiP) aims to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment for all in their regular events covering science, work and life. 

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(campus/VPN access only)

NERDS aims to provide researchers in MVLS with career and professional development support.

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Public Engagement Group in STEMM

Project Management Community

Change Network

The University of Glasgow Public Engagement Group in STEMM focusses on Science Connects and the Glasgow Science Festival.

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The PM Community aims to be a source of reflection and information to support and increase project capabilities for the benefit of the University.

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The Change Network brings together individuals from across the university ready to be true champions of change.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Communities

Neurodiversity Network

LGBTQ+ Network

Parent Buddy Network

The mission of the Neurodiversity Network is to provide awareness, representation, and promote inclusion of neurodiversity in higher education.

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This group is for all UofG staff and postgraduates who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning.

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This network was founded to facilitate peer-support and advice around managing childcare and workloads.

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Parents and Carers Forum

IHW Athena Swan ECRs 


This Yammer group is for all parents and carers at UofG.

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This group focuses on monitoring and addressing issues affecting representation, progression and success of all early career researchers within IHW.  

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Health and Wellbeing Communities

Pilates Group

Run Talk Run

This group connects colleagues who want to take care of their bodies by practicing yoga together.

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Run talk run is a weekly running group for all abilities with a safe space to talk about your mental health. Click the link below, or contact Kay Guccione to find out more.

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