It's something that comes part and parcel with academic research, but often it's not as easy to set aside dedicated time for writing alongside the other aspects of the PhD. To combat that, each November Researcher Development hosts a variety of events designed to give PGRs that time and space, and to encourage the formation of writing habits, no matter what stage of research.


What is WriteFest?

November is Academic Writing Month - known as WriteFest - an annual academic write-a-thon inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), but catering to the specific needs of academic writers. It’s an online space where the global academic community can pledge their writing projects, record progress, and share thousands of writing tips via the #AcWriMo hashtag on Twitter. At the University of Glasgow, the goal for WriteFest is to encourage all academics, research staff, and research students to join in and celebrate writing.

WriteFest began at the University of Sheffield, but it has since grown and events are now held by universities across the UK. The festival aims to provide protected time and space for writing and has four main themes:

Habits: Develop good writing practices and strategies.

Blocks: Overcome blocks with proactive approaches.

Protect: Protect academic writing as part of the working day.

Social: Spend time out writing with others.


2021 Programme

Our 2021 programme of events for WriteFest included:

  • Two new interactive writing workshops:
    • Collaborative Writing (RSDA 6208)
    • Focus on Feedback (RSDA 6209)
  • Virtual writing retreats with Kings College London every Wednesday morning
  • A weekly UofG PGR writing group every Friday afternoon
  • The launch of a new Thesis Mentoring Programme for final year PGRs
  • A call for creative abstracts for the Journal of Imaginary Research
  • A live Twitter discussion on all things WriteFest on Tuesday 7th December, 3-4pm. The discussion can be viewed on the WriteFest Wakelet.


Check back here for details of our 2022 WriteFest programme when they become available.