UofG 3MT 2021

2021 Results

The preliminary heats took place virtually from the 1 - 4 March and the 3MT Final took place on the 24 March 2021, with a combined audience of over 300.

Winner: Rita Ibrahim, MVLS (Diet and Genes: One Size Does Not Fit All)

Runner Up: Oliver Higgins, CoSE (The Smartphone Microscope: Another Reason to Love Your Smartphone)

People's Choice: Becky Cummings, CoSE (Argon through the looking glass)

2021 Finalists

  • Desislava Arabadzhiyska, MVLS (How does your brain decide who to trust?)
  • Issa Mshani, MVLS (Blood shadow and Artificial intelligence for malaria parasite detection)
  • Faye Davies, CoSE (Using achondrite meteorites to explore lost worlds)
  • Hamideh Saghafi, MVLS (The 3D assessment of skeletal stability following orthognathic surgery)
  • Bernard Cooper, CoSE (Miniaturised Cooling to -272C)
  • Victor Ochoa-Gutierrez, CoSE (Race bias in Healthcare and Its Solution)
  • Sara Bartlome, MVLS (Eat. Sleep. Divide. Repeat.)
  • Tor-Ivar Krogsæter, ARTS (‘One sins in the mind, not the body’: The Emergence of Suicidal Shame)
  • Kate Haining, MVLS (Boosting brain power through cognitive training)
  • Lindy Morrison, MVLS (Research activity among nurses in clinical practice)
  • Kenechi Omeke, CoSE (Saving Nemo: Data-driven Ocean Rescue)