UofG 3MT 2017

2017 Results

The Grand Final took place 17th March 2017, with an audience of nearly 100, including students, friends, family, supervisors and alumni.

Overall winner: Hannah Martin, 'Acting FAST to Cure Stroke'

Runner up: Jade Halbert, 'Marion Donaldson: The Business of Fashion in Post-War Glasgow, 1966-1999'

People's Choice: Scott Jess, 'Why is Greenland so high?


Finalists 2017

  • Scott Jess (CoSE) - ‘Why is Greenland so high?’
  • Frances Cooper (CoSE) - ‘Matchmaker’
  • Laurie Points (CoSE) - ‘Robotic Assistants as tools for Droplet Optimisation’
  • Toby Neilson (ARTS) - ‘Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema & The Global Environmental Crisis’
  • Rachel Fletcher (ARTS) - ‘Defining the History of English’
  • Jade Halbert (ARTS) - ‘Marion Donaldson: The Business of Fashion in Post-War Glasgow, 1966-1999’
  • Hannah Martin (MVLS) - ‘Acting FAST to Cure Stroke’
  • Maira Bouga (MVLS) - ‘Tackling iodine insufficiency in pregnancy - the role of dietary guidance and food choices'
  • Thamir Alandijany (MVLS) - ‘Winning the battle against herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)’
  • Elizabeth Nelson (CoSS) - 'Where Playgrounds and YouTube meet'
  • Elisabeth Loose (CoSS) - '3D-Printing for Sustainability - The Maker Movement and the Environment'
  • Kirsty Deacon (CoSS) - 'Young People's Experiences of the Imprisonment of a Family Member'