UofG 3MT 2016

2016 Results

The Grand Final took place on 18th March 2016, with an audience of nearly 100, including students, friends, family, supervisors and alumni.

Overall winner: Ruth Turner, School of Humanities

Runner up: Paula Sweeten, Centre for Cell Engineering

People's Choice: Eloise Larson, Biomedical Engineering


School or Research Institute 'spirit of engagement' Prize

In 2016, we awarded a School/RI prize for the first time to celebrate the supportive culture that a School can provide. Congratulations to the School of Humanities, the first ever winners of this prize.


3MT Finalists 2016

  • Eloise Larson (CoSE) – ‘Sound Diagnosis’
  • Xi King (CoSE) – ‘Surface Acoustic Waves: Smart Drug Delivery’
  • Adrienne Macartney (CoSE) – ‘Petrifying climates: lessons from early Mars’
  • Colin Reilly (ARTS) - ‘English is a Problem’
  • Carolina Reolon Jardim (ARTS) - ‘English Dictionaries in Brazil: An Open Goal’
  • Ruth Turner (ARTS) ‘Clydebank and the Singer Factory’
  • Paula Sweeten (MVLS) ‘Learning to culture blood stem cells to improve chemotherapy’
  • Lauren Wills (MVLS) - ‘How Do We Mend A Broken Heart?’
  • Antonina Mutoro (MVLS) - ‘Improving child care in urban slums in Kenya’
  • Sheela Tripathee (CoSS) - 'Men managing their weight: influences from and on their partners'
  • Yan Zheng (CoSS) - 'The Story, the Touchscreen and the Child: How Story Apps Tell Stories'
  • Chizoba Obi (CoSS) - 'Government debt crisis - A solution'